interested in joining the dc boys of leather?

then come out and meet us!

We have several events a month where you meet us and “feel us out”.

For a schedule of our events, visit our event calendar page.

There are two levels of membership with the dc boys of leather, Brother and Associate Member. If you are interested in becoming a Brother or Associate.

For more information, download our brochure, or email us.

applicant and probationary membership

To become a full member (Brother), one must first seek a sponsor and apply. Applicants may be accepted into probationary status by the approval of a majority of the brothers. Probationary members must subscribe to the mission of the club, attend a participate in no less than 50% of all designated club functions and attend and participate in all educational meetings designated by the club during the probationary period. Probationary members must also pay the dues assessed for this category as determined by the brotherhood.

The probationary period lasts for no fewer than 4 months. Probationary members can petition the membership committee at the conclusion of the probationary period for admission to the brotherhood.

brother (full membership)

Brotherhood is extended upon successful completion of the probationary period and approval by a majority of the brothers in good standing.

To be considered in good standing, a brother must pay the annual dues, attend sufficient club functions (50% per year of designated functions) and not miss more than 2 consecutive business meetings.

A brother must be in good standing to vote on club matters.

associate membership

An associate member is, in general, a friend and supporter of the club who is approved for associate membership by a majority of the brothers. The club expects that in support of our mission, associates will attend at least one designated club function per year and remit associates dues as set by the membership annually.

Those interested in Associate Membership should first secure a sponsoring brother and then complete the application.